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David Steers

A blog by the minister of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches of Downpatrick, Ballee and Clough and the editor of Faith and Freedom and the Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society.

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Anyone wishing to copy or reproduce any item on this blog should secure the permission of the author first and will be required to state this blog as the source. All material on this blog is the copyright of David Steers.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello David, I write a local history blog about Toxteth Park in Liverpool (written under the name Glen Huntley) and I am currently writing a post on James Martineau and his home Park Nook. This brought me to your great site. I would like to use some content from your site if that is possible and I will of course credit you and provide links to your site.
    Here are some posts from my blog so you can see the context it would be included in:

    kind regards

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    1. Thanks Jim. You have an excellent blog and I look forward to reading your post on James Martineau’s house. That itself is a fascinating story. Certainly you can use some content from here with a credit and a link, that would be great.
      All the best


  2. Dear David, in your article about Willaston School you mention my Grandfather, William MELLOR, being the son of the Rev Stanley MELLOR. In fact William and Stanley were the sons of Rev William MELLOR (also a Unitarian) and were brothers. Kind regards, Andrew MELLOR.

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  3. I was touched by a reference to finding the gravestone of Mary Ann Mc Nea (1820-1884), faithful servant of the Nelson family. I have been researching my great grandfather James McNea, Architect of Belfast (born about 1824) and found several McNeas in the Downpatrick area. I had found a reference to Mary Ann’s will and that Rev Samuel Nelson was an executor. Cannot find that she is linked to me, but I thought it was such a lovely write up on her I had to write and thank you anyway. Kind regards, Sue Reehal (nee McNea)

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