In October the congregations of Downpatrick, Ballee and Clough all hold their services of Harvest Thanksgiving.


These are always well attended and important occasions and this year was no exception.

Harvest 9

The congregations welcome visiting preachers and choirs or other musical groups and this year at Downpatrick the visiting preacher was the Rev Colin Campbell (of Holywood and Ballyclare) and the visiting choir was the Larne Concert Choir.




At Ballee the preacher was the Rev Cecil Wilson (from the local Church of Ireland parishes) and the PSNI Ladies’ Choir the visiting choir.



At Clough the preacher was the Rev Chris Carson (again from the local Church of Ireland congregations) and the choir the Quoile Area WI Choir. The churches are beautifully decorated, often with local produce, and try to express a sense of appreciation for the beauty of creation. On this page are some pictures from this year’s harvests.


Harvest 5 Harvest 6 Harvest 8  DpkHvst10



BalleeHvst26 BalleeHvst22 BalleeHvst29 BalleeHvst27



CloughHvst01 CloughHvst05 CloughHvst07 CloughHvst13



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