Downpatrick 1 Oct 2016

Our service this morning comes from the First Presbyterian (NS) Church, Downpatrick and again features the Mountains of Mourne which can be viewed in the distance while a bagpipe duet plays courtesy of Robert and Laura Neill. When the music stops it is replaced with the music of birdsong. We are pleased to again have John Strain playing the organ at Ballee Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church, providing us with the music for the hymns:

All things bright and beautiful (Hymns of Faith and Freedom 245)

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty! (Hymns of Faith and Freedom 19)

Reading: Genesis ch.1 v.20-31.

The sermon takes as its starting point some words of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks:

We are each, regardless of class, colour or culture, in the image and likeness of God. This is the most important statement in Western culture of the non-negotiable dignity of the human person.

4 thoughts on “Worship: Sunday, 26th April

  1. Thank you for a sermon, as helpful as always. It is comforting to feel so many different strands of shared human inheritance brought harmoniously together, when so much of the world seems out of harmony. And Hutchison I thought was a Scot…

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    1. Yes he was very much part of the Scottish Enlightenment but he was born in county Down, educated at the ‘Philosophy School’ in Killyleagh and ran an academy in Dublin before becoming professor in Glasgow.
      Thank you for your kind comments, Emily. At a local level we may not be able to meet as is usual but communication across wide distances is a strong as ever. Today I have watched services from Massachusetts and Canterbury and have been lifted by both.


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