I was pleased to lead members of Reclaim the Enlightenment on a tour of no less than seven Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Churches on Saturday, 26th October. We were fortunate to enjoy a beautiful bright day and although we couldn’t see everything or hear the full story in each place we did cover a lot of ground and saw a great deal. We visited, in turn, All Souls’, Belfast; Dunmurry (where the ladies kindly provided very welcome sustenance in the form of tea and scones); Rademon; Clough; Downpatrick; Ballee and Killinchy. As we went around the congregations we were welcomed by clergy and church members and I gave a talk about each church in each place except in Rademon where Jim Ferris gave a wonderful talk about his church. Below are some images from the day. You can read about Reclaim the Enlightenment here.




Refreshments at Dunmurry




Members of Reclaim the Enlightenment at Downpatrick


On our way back on the bus outside Ballee


2 thoughts on “Visit to seven churches – in one day

  1. Hello.

    Seven churches’ tour in one day. It is amazing! I have also made similar in Finland where I live. Our churches are different in my country. This tour consisted of medieval churches. Some find them gorgeous although they are in Finland. On countryside our churches are mainly wooden churches. Here are my posts showing those churches outside / inside and detailed photos. Enjoy.

    Holy Martin’s medieval church in Raisio

    Church in Masku

    Church in Nousiainen

    St. Olaf’s medieval church in Lemu

    Church of nobility in Askainen

    Church of Merimasku

    Convent church in Naantali

    Have a nice day!

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